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Professional service firm leaders come to us when they need to . . .

  • Boost the effectiveness of their marketing and selling functions and processes
  • Determine their organization’s best structure for marketing and selling
  • Grow their people's skills to better manage marketing, selling and enterprise-growth strategies
  • Build new organizational “competencies” in marketing and selling
  • Harness people to collaborate and share accountability for growing the firm
  • Improve how their administrative functions support marketing and selling
  • Establish and align the firm’s differentiation, positioning and branding strategies
  • Create breakthrough go-to-market strategies and plans

Suzanne Lowe's Insights On ...

High performing marketers from PwC talk together about the benefits they received from their participation in the 2014-2015 Professional Services Leadership Initiative (PSLI). These include making connections, access to leadership, and building relationships.


Suzanne Lowe’s book Marketplace Masters is a must-read for professional service companies that want to improve or grow.Suzanne Lowe’s book The Integration Imperative helps professional service firms connect marketing and business development.Suzanne Lowe contributed to this ultimate guide to marketing and selling for CPAs. Suzanne Lowe contributed a case study on cross selling professionals services for this leading services marketing textbook.

Marketplace Masters
The Integration Imperative
Bull's-Eye! (Suzanne Lowe contributed)
Essentials of Services Marketing (Suzanne Lowe contributed)

Our research reports helped launch the Professional Services Leadership Initiative at the Smith School of Business. Research Studies

Professional services research


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The second PSLI Cohort Concluded

2015-16 Professional Services Leadership Initiative

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